Carrie Ann Adams Program Associate

Carrie Ann grew up near San Francisco, where she spent weekends birding in local parks and summers hiking in the Sierras. At Stanford University, she majored in Earth Systems, studying education, policy, and ecology with a focus on conservation. She completed a B.S. and an M.S., studying bird community response to urbanization for her master’s thesis. She loves observing and learning about birds, and helping others to appreciate the value of conservation through interactions with this charismatic taxon. She enjoyed taking friends around the Stanford Campus to teach them about the birds they saw every day, and showing owl nests to visitors in San Francisco’s parks. She visited Jackson Hole on vacation in summer 2013 and knew she wanted to come back to Teton Raptor Center for an internship. She stayed on as the Summer Program Assistant, and returned to continue working on special projects as a Program Associate. She loves working with raptors and discovering the landscape and wildlife of Jackson Hole, and plans to continue working to protect birds and their habitat.

Favorite Raptor: Changes every day! Today it's the Flammulated Owl

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