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Flammulated Owls

Flamms! The Most Common Owl Species You Have Probably Never Heard Of In this Feathered Tale, TRC staff recount their first sightings this fascinating species. Our Flammulated Owl patient - smaller than my hand! A Hoot-Worthy Adventure by Sam Diaz and Nathan Hough It's not hard to stay…

Aug 23, 2016 | Read More

A GTNP Ranger is on a Mission to Save Owls

A Boreal Owl trapped in a vault toilet This little Boreal Owl was likely searching for a nest cavity when he flew down the vent of a vault toilet and got stuck in the muck. US Forest Service staff rescued him, but he succumbed to a bacterial infection a few days later. His story is all too common. Thousands of small owls, kestrels and other cavity nesting…

Jul 12, 2016 | Read More

Creative New Nests for Imperiled Owls

Last spring, family of Northern Saw-whet Owls had quite the surprise when their nest tree was suddenly cut down. The landscaping company found a cavity-nest full of five nestlings in the recently felled tree, and immediately called Teton Raptor Center. We transferred the five healthy babies into an American Kestrel nest box and the landscapers installed it in a nearby tree, while the owl parents kept…

Jun 11, 2016 | Read More

Hanging In There - An Entangled Osprey gets a Second Chance

The Osprey entangled in baling twine On May 18th, TRC had already admitted two injured raptors when the call came in about an Osprey hanging by baling twine in its nest in Victor, ID. A citizen noticed the struggling Osprey during a little league baseball game in the field below the nest. TRC called Teton County Fire and Rescue for help and they immediately came to the rescue. A mom who was coordinating…

May 24, 2016 | Read More

Asynchronous Hatching

How owl siblings hatch hours, days, or even weeks apart!While going through some photos, I noticed that this photo of Long-Eared Owl nestlings is a great example of the size difference you can see in nestlings that hatch asynchronously. Asynchronous hatching refers to a clutch of eggs that hatches at different time periods, days apart, rather than all of them hatching at roughly the same time or within…

May 09, 2016 | Read More

Celebrating the Bald Eagle Who Soared the Wyoming Skies for 34 Years

Last week, we made the incredibly heart breaking but carefully considered decision to humanely euthanize our 34-year-old Bald Eagle patient. Though every death is hard, this one was particularly difficult for all involved. In the years that I have worked at Teton Raptor Center, over 500 injured, ill and orphaned birds of prey have come through our doors. I have never seen a rehab raptor whose story…

Apr 29, 2016 | Read More

Toilet Troubles: two tiny raptors have the BLM to thank for saving their lives

Photo credit Cameron Collins and Clay Stott, BLM Elko District Office. American Kestrel saved from a sticky situation in Elko, NevadaRaptors don't have a great sense of smell. So to them, a vault toilet ventilation pipe might seem like the perfect place to set up a nest. But, once they enter the pipe, they can't fly out, and find themselves trapped unless someone sees them and comes to their rescue.Last…

Apr 10, 2016 | Read More

On the Wing with Rough-legged Hawks

The TRC research team is collaborating with Jim Kidd from Kidd biological to track the movements of Rough-legged Hawks that migrate to the Western US from their arctic breeding grounds. Together, we're using solar powered transmitters to track where these magnificent birds breed, migrate, and over-winter. Steve Poole documented Bryan and Katherine outfitting this adult female with a transmitter. Within…

Feb 10, 2016 | Read More

Great Horned Owl returned to the wild - and to the magpies

TRC ambassador Leslie Goodyear rescued this female Great Horned owl near the base of Teton Pass in Wilson, WY, very close to Teton Raptor Center. Likely a victim of a vehicle strike, this Bubo virginianus suffered head trauma and a dislocated elbow. Thanks to the TLC of TRC staff and ambassadors, she returned to the wild on November 27th! As the TRC team celebrated, a flock of magpies objected to the…

Dec 05, 2015 | Read More

No Eagles Allowed

Irene Greenberg, local photographer and longtime friend of TRC, watched as two Red-tailed Hawks harassed a mature Bland Eagle that had perched in their territory. Who do you think won the battle? Read her account to find out:There were two Red-tailed Hawks that did not want the bald eagle hanging around in what must have been their territory. Each time the eagle landed on a telephone pole one, or…

Nov 19, 2015 | Read More

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