Rayne and Otus

Species: Eastern Screech Owl (Megascops asio)
Hatch Date: Unknown
Gender: Rayne (red), Female and Otus (gray), Male
Reason for Captivity: Limited vision from presumed car strikes
Weight: 0.3 lbs. (Average Weight of baseball)

Joined TRC Team: June 2016 (Rayne) and September 2017 (Otus)
Rayne and Otus were both injured injured in central Alabama and treated at the Alabama Wildlife Center in Pelham. We are unsure whether a car or window is to blame, but either way, the head trauma sustained their collisions left both owls with limited vision. Unable to return to the wild, their new job is to teach and help us appreciate the roles that raptors play in the ecosystem, no matter how small they are! Rayne was named after in honor of Meg and Bert Raynes, two treasured conservationists of the Jackson Hole community. Though the Eastern Screech Owl has since been separated from the Old World Scops Owls (Otus) into the Megascops genus both appear to have origins and meanings related to being "eared" or having ear tufts.

Photo Credit: TRC Staff

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