Bald Eagle

This mature Bald Eagle was admitted to Teton Raptor Center after being found on the ground unable to fly. After doing a thorough exam, staff found an old fractured metacarpus bone in the left wing in addition to a large old wound near the right wrist. The bird is missing a lot of feathers and is on a course of fluids to keep the bird hydrated and a course of anti-inflammatory pain medication to minimize swelling and discomfort.

Date Admitted: 7-15-18

Location Found: St. Anthony, ID

Update: This bird is off all medication except for an antibiotic to ensure that the wound on her wrist doesn't get infected. She is currently undergoing physical therapy on her left wing. After her wound has healed and her old broken bone is completely healed, she'll continue with physical therapy in addition to flight training so that she can be released back out into the wild.

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