Golden Eagle

This bird was admitted to Teton Raptor Center after getting hit by a car. He sustained a fractured humerus, a fractured pelvis, had internal bleeding, and road rash on his skin.

Date Admitted: 10-1-17

Location Found: Green River, WY

Update: The fractures, internal bleeding, and road rash have all healed on this bird. However, after several months of physical therapy and flight conditioning, it was determined that due to the humerus fracture (although fully healed at this point) will permanently debilitate the bird in flight . As a result, he isn't capable of sustained flight and would not be able to get more than a few feet off the ground. The good news is that this bird has a very calm temperament and would likely be a great candidate to live out his days in captivity. At this time, Teton Raptor is seeking permanent placement for this bird in hopes that he will become an educational ambassador bird where he will be trained to perch willingly on the glove and help to educate others on raptor conservation.

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