Golden Eagle

This Golden Eagle was admitted to Teton Raptor Center due to lead poisoning. She had ingested meat from a carcass that was shot with lead ammunition and unfortunately the lead fragments from the bullet ended up in her body. Lead effects raptors very seriously and can completely debilitate them if they ingest even a small amount. Because this bird was very sick from heavy metal poisoning, she was struck by a vehicle along a highway in Dubois, WY. She was luckily found and rescued by Wyoming Game and Fish Department and brought to Teton Raptor Center the next morning where she was put on a rigorous treatment to remove the heavy metal toxins from her body.

Update: This bird has gone through 3 chelation therapy treatments and continues to improve. Her lead level has dropped significantly and she has moved to a larger enclosure where she is self feeding herself.

Date Admitted: 11-8-18

Location Found: Dubois, WY

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