Great Horned Owl

This Great Horned Owl came to us showing signs of head trauma and has some swelling and bruising on its left wing and near the base of its tail. The bird was pretty dehydrated upon arrival and was found laying in the road covered in feather mites and flies. She was given an eye exam which determined there were hemorrhages in both eyes. The bird has been getting medication to help her deal with pain as well as an anti-inflammatory medication, and an anti-parasitic medication to combat internal parasites. It is also currently getting non-steroidal eye drops a minimum of three times a day.

Date Admitted: 11-22-17

Location Found: Geneva, Idaho

Update: This owl has recovered from all of her injuries. She is flying well during flight tests and passed her live prey test with flying colors! She developed a toe injury while here that needed stitches. Once her stitches can come out and we aren't worried about the cut getting infected we plan to release her.

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