Great Horned Owl

This Great Horned Owl was admitted to Teton Raptor Center after being found on a golf course with road rash and bruising all over her body. She was most likely hit by a car and is undergoing laser therapy treatment to help break up some of the bruising and promote healthy tissue and feather growth. She also has corneal ulcers in both of her eyes and is getting 3 different types of eye drops a minimum of 4 times a day and is on a course of systemic antibiotics to ensure that the ulcers aren't going to cause any infection.

Date Admitted: 7-1-2018

Location Found: Wilson, WY

Update: This bird is very alert and fiesty and is now able to eat on her own. Her bruising is now almost gone and is very light and her road rash is healing up quite nicely. The owl is still getting eye drops and staff hope to see improvement so that she can be released back out into the wild.

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