Great Horned Owl

This Great Horned Owl was picked up outside of Lander, WY and transferred to Teton Raptor Center via the Golden Eagle Rescue Network (GERN). Contact Carrie Ann Adams to learn more about becoming part of the GERN as a rescue driver. The owl is a very large female and outweighs Owly, TRC's Resident Great Horned Owl, by almost 150 grams! She came to TRC with two fractures in the radius of the right wing and a large open wound. The breaks were well aligned and healed without surgery. We cleaned and wrapped her wound every other day for several weeks and treated her with antibiotics.

Date Admitted: 9.26.16

Location Found: Lander, WY

Update: Her fractures and wound have healed completely. She is still missing feathers where she was wounded, and we will not release her until she has regrown those feathers to keep her wing warm in the cold Wyoming winter.

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