Swainson's Hawk

This Swainson's Hawk was found unable to fly roadside in Victor, ID. She had been surviving on crushed crickets on the road and was in good health aside from several injuries. The bird has been nicknamed, "Waldo" because she was incredible difficult to catch. Several volunteers, members of the public, TRC staff and IDFG Game Wardens were involved in her eventual rescue. The hawk has an odd combination of injuries including a permanently damaged toe on one foot and a laceration on the opposite wing. We recently started laser therapy on this bird to hopefully encourage feather growth while the bird spends the winter with us.

Date Admitted: 9.5.16

Location Found: Victor, Idaho

Update: This bird is starting to show fantastic feather re-growth! Hopefully, once her wild counterparts return from a winter in Argentina, she can be released back to the wild.

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