Swainson's Hawk

This mature Swainson's Hawk was found in Idaho and was unable to fly. Upon further investigation, TRC staff determined that he has lead toxicity. Fragments of lead were spotted in his GI tract during a routine X-ray, and our blood-lead analyzer confirmed the presence of lead in his system. X-rays also show evidence of a right coracoid (collarbone) fracture, a pelvis fracture, and spinal trauma which all were likely from a collision because birds with lead toxicity often lack coordination.

Date Admitted: 8-7-17

Location Found: Shelley, ID

Update: His blood-lead level has been low for quite some time, and his coracoid fracture and pelvis fracture have healed! Unfortunately, his spinal trauma never resolved the way we had planned it to and as a result he doesn't have full mobility of his tail. Without full tail mobility this bird would have trouble landing in flight, as well as turning and soaring. This means he is a no longer a candidate to be released and returned to the wild however, he will serve a different purpose. He will be transferred to a facility where he will continue to live out his days as a permanent resident educating others about raptors, conservation and the natural world.

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