TRC is currently hiring for the following positions: BIRD CURATOR


Summary Description:
Teton Raptor Center (TRC) seeks a dynamic, innovative, and skilled Bird Curator with raptor expertise to oversee the health, husbandry, care, and training of Teton Raptor Center’s raptor patients and ambassadors. The Bird Curator will also lead a team of staff and volunteers to provide expert care, handling, and training of live raptors for education and in preparation for release back to the wild. This is a full-time, year-round salaried position based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Raptor Husbandry, Health, and Training
  • Orchestrate all aspects of bird care and welfare, including, but not limited to: acquisition, disposition, record keeping, husbandry, enrichment, implementation of balanced and nutritional diets, translocations, rehabilitation, medical procedures, and vaccinations.
  • Develop and comply with protocols and procedures for all raptor-related activities in consultation with veterinary advisors.
  • Oversee treatments, medical procedures, and preventative health care measures for all birds in consultation with veterinary advisors.
  • Supervise day-to-day care for ambassador and patient birds, including, but not limited to cleaning, feeding, watering, administering medications, observing, and record keeping.
  • Develop training, rehabilitation, and enrichment plans for birds based on operant conditioning.
  • Develop and evolve policies to ensure safety and security of birds.
  • Oversee mews and clinic operations, including procurement and maintenance of bird care facilities, equipment, food, medical and cleaning supplies.
Leadership, Administration, and Management
  • Supervise, train, evaluate and mentor all staff and volunteers working directly with raptor patients and ambassadors.
  • Be an enthusiastic, professional, and knowledgeable representative for TRC.
  • Lead by example; providing encouragement, coaching, mentoring, and growth opportunities for team members, both personally and professionally.
  • Represent TRC at professional meetings, conferences, or in the media, as requested by the Executive Director.
  • Build relationships with collaborators, partners, leaders, and practitioners in the field of raptor education, rehabilitation, and conservation including, but not limited to USFWS, WGFD, IFGD, NWRA, IWRC, IAATE, and other organizations.
  • Oversee and comply with all state and federal wildlife regulations.
  • Maintain all state and federal permits required for the legal exhibition, acquisition and disposition of bird patients and ambassadors.
  • Responsible for the legal and ethical acquisition, transport, and display of birds in accordance with all permits.
  • Oversee record keeping and preparation and submittal of all applications and annual reports for agencies related to permits for rehabilitation and education.
  • Develop and manage annual operating budget for bird care.
  • Research and apply for grant opportunities and philanthropic support to underwrite needs for raptor care, training, public programming, and professional development.
Program Development and Delivery
  • Collaborate with other TRC team members to innovate opportunities for public education featuring ambassador birds.
  • Guide and actively participate in the team of individuals providing outreach and education for a variety of audiences.
  • Contribute content for TRC’s communications channels (web, print, social and other media).
Other duties as assigned.

Division of Labor
  • 50% Raptor Husbandry, Health, and Training
  • 30% Leadership, Administration, and Management
  • 20% Program Development & Delivery
Education and Professional Qualifications:
  • BS degree in biology, ornithology, zoology, wildlife science or related discipline.
  • Master’s degree desirable or any equivalent work experience and/or training which provides the required knowledge and skills.
  • Minimum of 5 years of practical experience working in a raptor-related field, emphasizing raptor training, husbandry, rehabilitation, and public education programs.
  • At least 5 years experience in captive management of native avian wildlife.
  • Extensive experience handling birds of prey, including eagles.
  • Advanced knowledge of veterinary procedures, medications, and vaccinations.
  • Thorough knowledge of approved animal husbandry techniques.
  • Managerial experience including supervising personnel and managing budgets.
  • Ability to remain calm, make sound decisions, and provide clear direction in crisis situations.
  • Professionally exhibit sound judgment, discretion, and respectful communication with colleagues, volunteers, and program participants.
  • Must be able to maintain effective working relationships and clearly communicate with other TRC employees, volunteers, program participants, the general public, and media.
  • Able to work independently and especially in a collaborative team environment.
  • Must be flexible and willing to work some non-traditional work weeks, including nights, holidays and weekends, especially during the summer.
  • Ability to manage and prioritize numerous projects on an ongoing basis.
  • Enthusiasm for and ability to communicate Teton Raptor Center’s mission and programs with sincerity, professionalism, and passion.
Physical Requirements:
  • Must be able to regularly lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Must be able to hold a 5-10 lb. bird on the glove for 30 minutes.
  • Must have visual acuity to operate motor vehicles and/or equipment.
Compensation and Benefits:
This is a full-time year-round position. Salary commensurate with experience. Benefits package includes paid time off, health insurance, SIMPLE IRA, and more

Please submit cover letter, resume, and three references as a single PDF to:
Amy Brennan McCarthy, Executive Director
Via e-mail ONLY: amy AT
Subject Line: 2020 TRC Bird Curator Application
Applications accepted until November 2, 2020
Desired start date for employment: December 2020

Teton Raptor Center is an equal opportunity employer with a drug-free and smoke-free workplace.
Successful applicants will be required to pass a background check and driving check

Teton Raptor Center’s mission is to advance raptor conservation through education, research, and rehabilitation. We are located in the heart of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem at the historic Moseley/Hardeman Ranch in Wilson, Wyoming, which is undergoing significant capital improvements. The phase currently underway is a $2M+ investment in new and improved bird care facilities, including mews, clinic, and flight barn. These facilities will be ready for use and occupancy in late 2020 and will be the primary work areas for the Bird Curator.

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