Avalon Faticoni-Manolas Conservation Intern

Born and raised on the Atlantic coast, Avalon has come a long way to be TRC’s newest intern! In 2019 Avalon graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.S. in Biology in hopes of fulfilling her lifelong dream of conducting research alongside the wildest of the wild out in the field. For a year she travelled the country and abroad working odd jobs and volunteering with animals, eventually landing her in Jackson, Wyoming last summer where she was immediately drawn in by the abundance of the local wildlife. Serving tables by day and working night shifts at the Teton County Animal Shelter, Avalon was searching to be a part of a wildlife conservation organization and heard about Teton Raptor Center. She immediately added volunteering to her summer schedule and soon became fascinated with raptors. Now she is able to be full time with TRC and is excited to learn more about raptors and their conservation by working closely with our avian education ambassadors, birds in the rehabilitation clinic, and with raptors in the field alongside the research team! In her free time you can find her climbing rocks (when it’s hot), riding down mountains (when it’s cold), and explaining kindly to friends and family that, no, she does not work with dinosaurs.

Favorite Raptor: Barn Owl

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