Becky Collier Education Director

Becky brings extensive experience with all aspects of program delivery, outreach program development, raptor acquisition, handling, husbandry and providing emergency and basic medical needs for birds of prey. She has worked with raptors since the late 90's and was responsible for building the “Raptor Trek: Alabama’s Premier Bird of Prey Experience” program at the Alabama 4-H Center. She grew that program from two birds to twenty, including two American Bald Eagles held on a USFWS Eagle Exhibition permit under her name. She has delivered over 2,000 live raptor programs through her work with the Southeastern Raptor Center, Zoo Atlanta, and the Kelley Bartlett Conservancy, as well as the Alabama 4-H Center. And, Becky is a certified teacher with a Master’s degree in Secondary Science Education. Becky lives in Victor, Idaho with her four rescue pups, a Sun Conure named Lorito, and a Green Cheeked Conure named Verdito.

Favorite bird of prey: Becky says there's no way she can choose just one!

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