Katherine Gura Graduate Student

Katherine works at the Teton Raptor Center as a field biologist with over six years of experience conducting wildlife research in the Valley. Hailing from North Carolina, Katherine moved to Jackson in 2009 to work monitoring raptors and other avian species for Grand Teton National Park. After graduating from Middlebury College in 2010 she expanded her field experience to include bird-banding in the Amazon in Peru and working as an environmental educator. Most recently, she has spent the past four years in Jackson doing avian research ranging from testing lead levels in ravens and eagles to outfitting transmitters on raptors and sage grouse. Since the project’s inception in 2013 she has worked year-round studying great gray owls to determine their population density, breeding ecology, and movements in Jackson Hole. In her role as field biologist, Katherine coordinates and conducts the fieldwork for the variety of conservation projects at the Teton Raptor Center including our research on great gray owls, golden eagles, and sage grouse. During her free time, Katherine enjoys trail-running with her favorite field assistant, her pup Dipper.

Favorite raptor: American kestrel

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