Kelsey Roberts Avian Care Technician

Kelsey’s interest in wildlife rehabilitation struck her at a young age. It was not uncommon to find her performing CPR on insects that had fallen victim to swimming pools, and rescuing frogs from the tormenting hands of fellow recess goers. Her appreciation of larger organisms grew as she explored the natural beauty surrounding her. Exploration brought her to the University of Puget Sound where she graduated in 2015 with a BS in Molecular and Cellular Biology, with an Emphasis in Neuroscience. Her interest expanded as she explored the diverse ecosystems of Washington state, and California’s coastal redwoods and Sierras as an Outdoor Environmental Educator and Naturalist. A theme of animal care and husbandry emerged as a steadfast interest and thus she returned to her home in the Tetons to explore a future career in veterinary medicine. Kelsey is beyond thankful for the opportunity to work with such incredible animals; both the raptors and people of Teton Raptor Center.

Favorite Raptor: Osprey

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