Selena Humphreys Operations Director

With over 15 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, Selena is passionate about bringing people closer to nature and creating systems to allow nonprofits to deliver their missions effectively.
A childhood in Maine spent hiking, cross-country skiing, canoeing, and running from black flies instilled in Selena a love of the outdoors and a tolerance for extreme winters. She relocated to Jackson in 2005 and found the low humidity, powder skiing, proximity to incredible landscapes, and the community irresistible. In the region, she has worked as a bird bander, server, veterinary assistant, and naturalist. Before joining the TRC, she spent 9 years at Teton Science Schools as field education faculty and registration director.
Her educational background includes a bachelor's in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Connecticut, a master's in science education from the University of Washington, and a graduate residency at Islandwood.

Selena lives in Victor, Idaho with her husband, daughter, two dogs and a cat, spending as much time on the Teton and South Fork rivers and in the mountains as possible. She loves birding, baking, gardening, and telling terrible jokes.

Favorite Raptor: Barred Owl

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