Classroom Programs

Live raptors just a few feet away is an exciting experience students never forget! Three live raptors are brought to each of our classroom visits along with a learning touch table of raptor related objects. These classroom visits are designed to allow students to experience an up-close learning adventure that is tailored to their age, understanding, and current learning objectives. Discussion topics may include traits of raptors, adaptations of diurnal and nocturnal raptors, fables and stories about raptors, local birds of prey, predator and prey relationships in a food chain, conservation trends relating to raptors, falconry and much more.

Classroom specifications

Up to 30 individuals (students, teachers or chaperones)
Program time: Approximately 45 minutes
Off-site program rate apples to schools within 20-mile radius of Teton Raptor Center.


  • On-site classroom visit: $155
  • Off-site SINGLE classroom visit (within 25 miles): $155
  • Within 26-50 miles: $175
  • Greater than 50 miles: $195 + mileage fee.

Assembly Programs

This is a unique wildlife education experience disguised as a fun and exciting assembly! This indoor presentation includes four live raptors. Hawks, Owls, Falcons, and Eagles take center stage as we discuss natural history, habitat, hunting methods, falconry, and conservation issues. This assembly requires a gym or auditorium, lasts about 45 minutes, and is suited to groups of up to 250 students.


Single program: $350
Two Programs at same school or nearby school on same day: $630 total (or $315 per school)

Assembly specifications

Applies to programs within 50-mile radius of Teton Raptor Center.
Beyond 50-mile radius, additional IRS mileage rate will apply (.54 cents/mile)
Up to 250 individuals per program

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TRC founder Roger Smith with Owly the Great Horned Owl

TRC founder Roger Smith with Owly the Great Horned Owl

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