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There are many ways to support Teton Raptor Center ... and the majority of them are listed below. You can peruse our Opportunities to Support TRC, which lists a variety ways to help us advance raptor conservation ranging from $1,000 - $100,000. Or you can take a peek at our Day-to-Day Needs of medical, cleaning, education and office supplies ... to falconry hoods, field equipment, and teaching props. Also, if you would like to Volunteer your time, energy, expertise and enthusiasm there is a link below that takes you to TRC's volunteer page, If you have any questions, please contact TRC at 307.203.2551 or raptors@tetonraptorcenter.org.
See our Updated list of Opportunities to Support

Opportunities to Support TRC

Talon Society Investment: $1,000

Show your commitment to raptors by joining the Talon Society. Your $1,000 investment supports TRC’s programs and operations. Talon Society support also includes various invitations to special events throughout the year and a custom-made pin by Wilson artist Annie Band

Poo-Poo Project - Help Expand the Poo-Poo Project Worldwide
Investment: $2,000
Help expand TRC’s Poo-Poo Project internationally. Your investment will help ship and sponsor screens in new countries around the world. Over 11,000 Poo-Poo Screens have been installed through 400+ partners in all 50 states, the US Virgin Islands, and Canada. Go Poo-Poo!

Subscriptions & Software Package - Keep TRC Soaring
Investment: $4,000
Support GIS and Sound Analysis Software and Subscriptions for Journal of Raptor Research, InReach, The Wildlife Society, Association of Nature Center Administrators, Wildlife Rehabilitation Medical Database, Raptor Research Foundation, Jackson Hole Chamber, WY Nonprofit Network, National Wildlife Rehabilitators Assoc., International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, and American Ornithological Society.

Community Raptor Outreach - Provide FREE Live Raptor Programs
Investment: $5,000 (multiple)

Help us expand our educational outreach opportunities for visitors from around the world, local residents, students, and children of all ages. TRC’s Talon Tuesdays (summer) and Feathered Fridays (winter) at the Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center, allow TRC to provide FREE raptor learning experiences.

Connectivity & Safety - Help Our Team Stay Safe and Connected
Investment: $6,000

Support staff safety, connectivity, and TRC’s Raptor Hotline with this donation. Your investment will support reliable mobile technology with quality photo/video capability to support connection in the field, in the clinic, and in the classroom.

Raptor Care - Save Wild Lives
Investment: $7,500

Support education and rehabilitation birds with their veterinarian needs, bird surgeries and necessary medical supplies.

Outdoor Gear & Optics - Support Field Research
Investment: $7,500
Your Investment will enable our research team to have the highest quality outdoor clothing, skis, snowshoes, first aid kits, GPS Units, and optics … as they work tirelessly in the field.

RaptorFest - Celebrate Birds of Prey and Community
Investment: $15,000
Showcase your support for raptors by becoming a sponsor of this annual celebration of birds of prey each Father’s Day (June 17th, 2018). Over 1,800 people participate in feather-filled festivities enjoying food, fun, kids’ activities, and live avian ambassadors.

Feed the Birds - Nourish and Care for TRC’s Avian Ambassadors
Investment: $25,000
Ensure that our growing team of 14 avian ambassadors stay in top shape with annual physicals, vaccinations, and a varied diet selected especially for birds of prey, including a nutritious menu of mealworms, crickets, chicks, chicken, quail, mice, fish, rats, and rabbits.

Invest in our Interns - Year-round Internship and Extern Experiences
Investment: $25,000
Strengthen our organization and create meaningful learning experiences for college students exploring career paths in conservation and veterinary medicine, wildlife biology, and environmental education. Your investment will help provide housing, training, and stipends for interns.

Meet the Match - Secure Old Bill’s Fun Run Matching Gift
Investment: $30,000
Be our 2018 Old Bill Fun Run’s Hero and ensure that we maximize our match potential. Your $30,000 gift is matched approximately 50% by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole during Old Bill’s Fun Run in September.

Flight Challenge and Flight Log - Help TRC Soar
Investment: $40,000
Support TRC’s 2018 End-of-Year Giving Campaign! Your donation will be used to produce a dollar-per-dollar challenge match incentive for new and existing donors. Your gift will also be used to underwrite our annual Flight Log publication, which is a key component of our year-end appeal and is mailed to over 6,000 homes throughout the U.S. in November.

Technology and Equipment Enhancements - Support our IT Needs
Investment: $50,000
This gift will help TRC upgrade and enhance the critical tools staff need to continue our conservation efforts. Items include a new database server, GPS tracking transmitters, printer, desktop computers, laptops, a new phone system, and upgraded software products.

PROGRAM IMPACT - Expand Our Capacity to Serve Investment: $100,000

Invest in a truly unique suite of programs offered by TRC’s talented team of educators, conservation biologists, wildlife rehabilitators, and volunteers. Each arm of our mission is experiencing strong momentum and growth. Your investment will ensure that we meet the needs of injured, ill, and orphaned raptors, expand understanding of birds of prey, and bring up-close educational encounters with live raptors to more people.

TRC Day-to-Day Needs

Help us provide the best possible care for rehab and educational birds and make sure that our research team is properly outfitted and has the best technology possible. Most items below can be purchased through our Amazon Wish List.



  • Tegaderm (various sizes)
  • 3M Vetrap 2inx5yd
  • 2" Porous Tape
  • Roll Cotton Bandages
  • Nitrile gloves (size S, M, L, XL)
  • Abaxis Rotors - Blood Chemistry Analyzers
  • Unscented high-efficiency laundry detergent
  • Airline approved animal kennels
  • Vacuum Sealing Bags
  • iPad for new Clinic, 32GB, WiFi Only, with base and keyboard
  • Christmas trees - recycle your tree at TRC! We use the trunk for perches and the limbs for enrichment
  • Stumps with bark - If you are trimming trees or removing a cottonwood tree, we will use the stumps for perches. Just remember to do tree-trimming in the fall when they aren't in use by cavity-nesting birds.
  • Dog puzzle feeders and toys (we use these for enrichment!)


  • GPS Units for Staff and Volunteers
  • GPS Transmitters for Raptors
  • iPhones w/camera - for in-the-field data collection
  • X-country Skis, Poles, Boots
  • Backpacks
  • Snowshoes
  • Gators
  • Gloves
  • Gift cards for gas



We welcome anyone who is interested in joining our fantastic team of TRC ambassadors. Volunteers help in a variety of ways, including raptor rehabilitation, cleaning, building/grounds maintenance, office work, bookkeeping, field research, and the delivery of educational programs. Whatever your interest, we have a place for you on our volunteer team! In 2018, volunteers contributed over 8,000 hours of their time, energy, expertise, and enthusiasm to TRC. Visit our volunteer page to find out more!

Support TRC with your Amazon purchases

Help save the BIRDS by purchasing tape and gauze.

Help save the BIRDS by purchasing tape and gauze.

TRC Avian Care Director Meghan Warren with a Bald Eagle patient.

TRC Avian Care Director Meghan Warren with a Bald Eagle patient.

Rehab Techs working with a Patient Photo by TRC Staff

Rehab Techs working with a Patient Photo by TRC Staff

Educational Programming Photo by TRC Staff

Educational Programming Photo by TRC Staff

Educational Program Ambassadors Photo by TRC Staff

Educational Program Ambassadors Photo by TRC Staff

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