Student Inspiration! 

Lisa Smith is a 3rd grade teacher at Krystal Elementary School in Hesperia, California. Last summer she attended a Raptor Encounter and immediately fell in love with Teton Raptor Center. During her visit she sponsored a Poo-Poo Screen and then shared that information at school with her 24 students in the fall. Later in the year, the students began working on a nature unit that focused on the birds of southern California. They learned about their habitat, how and where they live, what they eat, and some of the challenges they face. The students liked hearing about the Poo-Poo Project and how humans can protect cavity-nesting birds from becoming entrapped in vault toilets with Poo-Poo Screens. The students wanted to help. So, they decided to make posters about the Poo-Poo Project and share what they had learned with the four additional 3rd grade classes, teachers, parents and school officials. They were able to engage all 124 3rd grade students and get them excited about the program, so much so, that the students are now collecting funds to sponsor some Poo-Poo Screens to help protect birds. In addition, some of the students have found some vault toilets screened, some unscreened, in local, regional and state parks in the area. There may even be a Poo-Poo Screen installation field trip in their future. All of us at TRC would like to thank all the 3rd graders, teachers, and other supporters at Krystal Elementary School in Hesperia, CA for taking action and making a difference for nature in you own backyard. Help us match the number of screen the students sponsor by sponsoring a screen in their honor. Together, we can all make the world a better and more caring place.

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