Update about the Bald Eagle nest on Jackson Lake, sent to TRC by Steve Poole on August 18th:

Hi crew,

Paddled over to Wilcox point on Saturday and had a great eagle show. From out in the lake we spotted a bald eagle sitting high in a tree above the campground at Wilcox point. We paddled slowly and cautiously closer and closer till we found ourselves right under this beautiful bird.

We resumed paddling and enjoyed a pelican preening on a log.

Carol spotted this eagle fledge on the shore so we again slowly paddled to about 50 yards from this fledgling playing in the shoreline water and mud, while looking over our shoulder to make sure mom didn’t fly in from behind. A sits bath and some minnow fishing were fun to watch. I think the feet stuck firm enough a few times that if took a few wing beats to get moving. Great show. Magnificent birds.

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