Use these links to explore games and activities available online to do at home.

  • National Bird Day Activities - Free bird related games and activities.
  • Audubon Society - Get Outside "This page aims to bring together activities from across Audubon’s national network of environmental educators, including the classroom curriculum Audubon Adventures, plus related DIY activities and content from Audubon’s editors. These activities can be done at home or in a yard or park, sometimes with the help of a computer. The goal isn’t to teach a child how to name and identify bird species, but rather to give them space to explore and feel connected to the natural world."
  • PBS learning media- Backyard Wildlife; While we are staying put in our homes, make a day of watching the wildlife we have in our own backyards. Use this lesson to interact with your environment in a safe way, and learn something new along the way.
  • Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center- "These fun games and educational activities help get kids interested and engaged with nature, and teach important concepts about watersheds, wildlife and more."
  • Montana Naturalist- Montana natural history center provides free online learning opportunities for kids and adults.
  • National Geographic - Kids National Geographic Kids lets you choose which animal you want to learn about today. Explore the website and choose an animal to learn more about.
  • Junior Sea Doctors - The SeaDoc Society's free virtual club that provides young adventurers with the tools they need to interact with the wildlife of the Salish Sea.
  • Coloring pages from museums around the world - Over 100 museums from around the world continue to offer coloring sheets and books based on materials in their collections for free to download.
  • Sibley Backyard Beaks Quiz 1
  • Sibley Backyard Beaks Quiz 2 - Test your knowledge about the birds in your own backyard! Sibley offers two quizzes on the birds that live in our own backyards.
  • 10 Best Virtual Field Trips - Explore different virtual field trips offered by museums and conservationists from across the country!
  • How to Draw an Owl - Step by step instructional (and fun) video to help you draw your own owl at home.
  • Boys and Girls Club - Make your own weather instrument - Learn how to make your own weather instrument at home with this instructional (and fun) video from Boys and Girls Club of North Alabama.
  • Make Your Own Raptor Vertebrae! - Curious about how raptors, like owls, can turn their head so much farther than ours? Use some of these examples and create your own versions of vertebrae (the bones in our neck!) for what ever animal you choose!
Photo Credit: Screen capture of Audubon website via

Photo Credit: Screen capture of Audubon website via

Nicole Gaitan coloring sheet <a href="">(CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)</a>

Nicole Gaitan coloring sheet (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)

Photo Credit: Screen Capture of PBS and KET education activity "Backyard Wildlife" via

Photo Credit: Screen Capture of PBS and KET education activity "Backyard Wildlife" via

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