Species: Peregrine Falcon
Hatch Date: May 2016
Gender: Male
Reason for Captivity: Retinitis Right Eye (Near sighted)
Weight: ~1.3 lbs. (5 sticks of butter)
Joined TRC Team: July 2016

Hunter, a Peregrine Falcon, arrived at TRC in July of 2016. He hatched on the Woodmen Tower in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. The Woodmen Tower has been home to nesting peregrine falcons since 1988 and more than 50 Peregrine Falcon chicks have hatched there. Hunter was one of the four in the 2016 clutch of young. After twice being found away from his siblings and near a roadway the folks at Fontenelle Forest Raptor Recovery Program became worried there was something wrong. He was transported to their wildlife center in Bellevue, Nebraska and given a close exam by an advising veterinarian. They diagnosed Hunter with retinitis in his right eye (near sighted). Though this congenital defect (from hatch) is permanent it is not painful for Hunter. He will serve as a powerful ambassador for his wild counterparts in the coming years.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Bredehoft

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