Species: Bald Eagle
Hatch Date: Spring 2013
Gender: Female
Reason for Captivity: Left wrist damage from Mycobacterial avium infection
Weight: ~9 lbs. (a large bag of sugar)
Joined TRC Team: June 2015

River is a Bald Eagle. She was found sternal on the ice of the Missouri River at the Big Muddy National Wildlife Refuge (MO) in January of 2014. After several weeks of evaluation it was determined that she had a rare infection affecting her left carpal joint (wrist). For the next 16 weeks she underwent rigorous antibiotic treatments with regular X-rays of the left wing to evaluate progress. In late April 2014 it became clear that she would likely survive the treatment and that her long-term prognosis was promising, but that she would not regain enough flight control to be released. She has control with basic hops and short flights, but her overall flight ability is compromised. After spending her first year in captivity with an education program in Alabama River was transferred to Teton Raptor Center in June of 2015.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Bredehoft

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