Species: Great Gray Owl
Hatch Date: May 2016
Gender: Female
Reason for Captivity: Broken Right Wing
Weight: ~1.8 lbs. (a large pineapple)
Joined TRC Team: July 2016

Taiga, a Great Gray Owl, joined TRC's team in late July of 2016. She is a unique addition to the collection because her arrival is a testament to the collaborative effort all three pillars of TRC provide for each other. Taiga's was one of four fledglings in a nest being monitored by our research team. On June 17th, 2016 the research team headed to the nest site with plans for banding the young and found the nest had been predated (attacked) and only two young owls had survived. After getting Taiga in hand for banding the team realized she had also been injured in the attack and her wing was broken. She was brought in to our rehab team for an exam. X-rays concluded that the break was several days old and had already started to heal. Unfortunately, our veterinarian and our rehab staff agreed there was nothing that could be done to fix the injury. After consulting with several more veterinarians across the country it became apparent that the injury was permanent, but that it likely would not cause long-term discomfort. With permission of WY Game and Fish as well as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Taiga was added to our special purpose collection permit and will now serve in the role of teacher for TRC. "Taiga" is another term for Boreal Forest. Great Gray Owls are found throughout the northern hemisphere. They prefer coniferous, Boreal Forest habitat.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Bredehoft

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