Bald Eagle

This 30 year old male Bald Eagle has quite the story! TRC received a call on our Raptor Hotline about a Bald Eagle that had hit and crashed through a double pane window, landing in a Good Sanitarian's bedroom, and was in need of rescue! Rehab Director Meghan and TRC volunteers were on the scene quickly and were able to retrieve the eagle among the broken glass. Luckily the bird has no fractures but is suffering from severe body, head, and eye trauma with one laceration that needed sutured. Treatment now includes cold laser therapy, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory medicine while on cage rest.

Update: This very feisty bird is progressing well! The bird has moved out of the Oxygen Chamber and is now recovering in a large mew with low perches as the lacerations continue to heal. The bird is also receiving cold laser therapy along its many cuts and bruises to help promote healing and growth.

Date Admitted: 1-28-20

Location Found: Hoback, WY

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