Bald Eagle

This mature Bald Eagle was found by Wyoming Game and Fish near a deer carcass, unable to fly or stand. Once admitted, the bird's blood was tested and had a lead level of 33.0 ug/dl. Besides the lead toxin, the bird had no other real injuries! The bird immediately started a round of chelation therapy, which pulls heavy metals out of the blood. The bird was showing classic symptoms of lead poisoning, such as lethargy, poor balance, and weakness in its legs and feet. Treatment now includes time in the Oxygen chamber, pain medication, and chelation therapy.

Update: This big female is as talkative as can be. She has fully recovered from the severe lead poisoning she came in with, and will permanently have a limp in her left leg as a result of the pelvic fracture. It took some time, but she is now flying very strong and has passed the live prey test. She spends most her day in a weathering yard squaking and bathing in the pool. The only hiccup she faces is a wound on her right foot which she will see a vet about this coming week.

Date Admitted: 12-7-19

Location Found: Evanston, WY

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