Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle 7.19.20 is a hatch year brought to us from Idaho. Upon admit the bird was alert, but sitting on its hocks, and extremely dehydrated. The bird was found to have no major injuries, but had a keel score of 1/5 and was diagnosed with nutritional deficiencies, specifically emaciation. Protocol for treatment of emaciated birds usually calls for rehydration before feeding, but since this bird is young it is being fed up and hydrated simultaneously.

Additionally, this patient has a mysterious incapability to grip with its feet. This is something we have not seen before without other symptoms, and we are still working to figure out the cause.

Update: This Baldy is eagerly eating all of its food, and perking up. It is able to stand on its feet, but still unable to grip.

Date Admitted: 7.19.20

Location Found: Swan Valley, ID

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