Golden Eagle

Thanks to the efforts of our Raptor Rescue Network agency partners Wyoming Game and Fish and a local veterinarian clinic, this adult female Golden Eagle was able to be quickly and efficiently transferred to TRC after it collided with a car. Once admitted, the bird's blood was tested and has a lead level of 15.7 ug/dl. The bird is also suffering from head and and eye trauma from the collision. The bird most likely has ingested meat from a carcass that was shot with lead ammunition which resulted in it being on the highway and therefore struck by a vehicle. Lead effects raptors very seriously and can completely debilitate them if they ingest even a small amount. The bird is showing symptoms such as lethargy and weakness in its feet and legs. Treatment now includes time in Oxygen Chamber, Antibiotics, pain medication, eye drops, and daily wound care.

Update: This bird has moved in to a large mew with tall perches! Although the right eye has not regained vision, the bird is no longer receiving eye drops at the moment to give it a break from handling. The right eye still has some blood and protein in the pupil and there is a loss of pressure in the eye that should return to normal given time. As the eye heals, the bird is also on a round of antibiotics for pneumonia in its lungs.

Date Admitted: 11-22-19

Location Found: Cora, WY

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