Great Horned Owl

Our first patient of 2020! A female Great Horned Owl was found on the side of the highway unable to fly, presumed to have been hit by a car, by a Good Samaritan. The bird was brought to a local vet who, after taking a few x-rays, alerted TRC of the injured owl. Once admitted, and thanks to the generous x-rays taken by the vet, a fracture in the left Ulna was found. The bird underwent surgery the next day by the talented vets at Jackson Animal Hospital where they placed a titanium pin in the ulna. Treatment will consist of wrap changes, physical therapy, and antibiotics until the pin is ready to be removed.

Update: The Ulna is nicely aligned after surgery, however the titanium pin will not be removed for another few weeks. The owl is beginning to self feed!

Date Admitted: 1-19-20

Location Found: Ucon, ID

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