Great Horned Owl

This hatch year, female, Great Horned Owl was found in Idaho Falls in the middle of the highway unable to fly, most likely another victim of a car strike. Thanks to our Raptor Rescue Network, we were able to coordinate between Idaho Fish and Game and our transport volunteers to provide efficient transport of the bird to our center! The bird has a fracture in its left metacarpals and received surgery the day after admit. The titanium pin will remain for 2-3 weeks and receive wrap changes and physical therapy every 2-3 days. Treatment also includes antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications.

Update: The titanium pin and wing wrap have been removed! After a few weeks of physical therapy and cold laser therapy, the bird has begun flight conditioning! The bird still needs to work on its endurance but is progressing well!

Date Admitted: 11-15-19

Location Found: Idaho Falls, ID

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