Great Horned Owl

This young fledgling left its nest most likely a bit too early, as owls often tend to do. These fledglings spend up to 3 weeks on the ground during this time period while they learn how to fly. The parents are still around to provide for their young. However, sometimes these young birds can get themselves into trouble, as this young bird was found entangled in a fence. Thanks to our Raptor Rescue Network, this owl was transported to our center! Once admitted, a full exam showed that the bird was healthy just displaced from its original nest. Treatment includes very limited contact to avoid habituation and time in the Oxygen Chamber until a suitable foster nest or the original nest site can be found!

Update: Unfortunately a suitable foster was not found so this bird is being raised at TRC until it is old enough for release. The bird moved to a large mew with various perching so the bird can begin learning how to fly.

Date Admitted: 7-5-19

Location Found: Dubois, WY

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