Great Horned Owl

Found hanging by its wing from a power line, this owl was suspended in the air for hours before the energy company was able to shut off the power and cut down the power line to retrieve the bird.

Upon admit, no broken bones were found, but the bird had a laceration on the left humerus from where the power line was digging into the skin. Bruising across the elbow and patagium was also severe. With suture placed on the humerus, we are keeping the wing wrapped, massaging the patagium with vitamin E oil, and doing physical therapy on the wing every day. There is a chance that an important tendon and/or ligament was torn while the bird was thrashing in the line, but only time will tell. The owl is being treated with antibiotics, pain relief, and inflammation medication.

Update: Moved to ICU chamber, and is reliably self feeding!

Date Found: 10.30.20

Location Found: Victor, ID

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