Long-eared Owl

Our first Long-eared Owl admitted in 2019 was found on the side of the road unable to fly. TRC staff were able to retrieve the bird and upon admit a fracture in the left humerus was found. A wing and body wrap have stabilized the fracture and surgery is not necessary due to the nice alignment! The bird is very feisty and defensive while it spends a few days in Oxygen and receives anti-inflammatory medication.

Update: Bird has moved to a large mew and is self-feeding! The bird did break most of its tail feathers, however several have already molted and new feathers are already growing in! However, during flight training the bird was discovered to have asymmetrical flight, and therefore cannot fly silently as owls need to. The bird will be placed in an educational program after the appropriate paperwork is processed.

Date Admitted: 7-30-19

Location Found: Tetonia, ID

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