Rough-legged Hawk

Presumed to be a victim of a car strike, this Rough-legged Hawk was admitted with a drooping left wing. Luckily no fractures were found in the left wing, however the bird still does have bruising and soreness in the shoulder. Treatment for this patients consists of 6 weeks on cage rest and anti-inflammatory medication. The bird also has an unique growth on its right foot, that while does not impede the function of the foot, will be removed by at Jackson Animal Hospital and sent in for a biopsy.

Update: The bird started to self feed and has moved to a small mew with low perches as its left wing continues to heal! Every 2-3 days the bird is receiving cold laser therapy and is still on anti-inflammatory medications.

Date Admitted: 1-28-20

Location Found: Ucon, ID

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