Turkey Vulture

This mature Turkey Vulture was found after it crash landed on a woman's home south of the town of Jackson. Luckily our research team was in the area, and they went out on the rescue! This patient had multiple wounds throughout its body that were infected and was very thin. She also was missing all of her tail feathers, which explains why she crash landed. She's currently on antibiotics to treat her infection.

Update: This patient is standing and has a very healthy appetite! The bird has moved to a large mew. The leg wound has healed up nicely, so the bird no longer requires wrap changes. The bird's tail feathers have grown about half way in! The bird has started flight conditioning in his mew, flying back and forth between perches. However, since Turkey Vultures have already migrated out of the valley for the winter this bird cannot be released until they return in the spring.

Date Admitted: 5-2-19

Location Found: Jackson, WY

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