Great Horned Owl

This immature Great Horned Owl came to us through Idaho Fish and Game from a Sewage Treatment Center near Idaho Falls. The young bird had been caught in a container of sorts while fledging and learning to fly. Drenched in wet feces, the bird was unable to escape, and was stuck there for an unknown amount of time. Upon admit, the bird was cleaned up slightly, put up in a warm oxygen chamber to prevent hypothermia, given fluids and antibiotics. Our rehab team took a fecal sample to test for parasites which came back positive. After a round of anti-parasite medication the second fecal exam was negative.

Update: This owl is aggressive, and ready to return to the wild. We are now only waiting on Health Certifications to send it back to Idaho. In the mean time the owl is catching live mice in its spacious mew, perching, and being handled minimally.

Date Admitted: 06.12.20

Location Found: Idaho Falls, ID

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