Great Horned Owl

This Great Horned Owl was admitted after it was found in a neighborhood close to the highway, a probable victim of a car strike. It did not want to fly away and appeared to have head and left eye trauma. This bird spent several days in our Oxygen chamber to help with the head trauma and is being given eye drops several times a day to reduce the
blood in the left eye. The bird began to self-feed rather quickly and is very alert.

Update: This bird has moved into a medium sized enclosure and consistently self-feeds. She has passed a live prey test despite only partial vision returning to her left eye. Eye trauma can be slow to heal in raptors, so with a series of more eye drops and time staff are hopeful for more vision to return. She has begun flight conditioning and is flying strong and far.

Date Admitted: 1-14-19

Location Found: Victor, ID

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