Red-tailed Hawk

This mature Red-tailed hawk was brought to us in the beginning of April from Etna, Wyoming due to an undetermined collision. The bird was found in a backyard, and transported to our clinic by TRC staff. Upon admit, the patient was diagnosed with general body and spinal trauma, bruising on the right wrist, and emaciation. Treatment for this bird includes oxygen, fluids, pain medication, and cold laser therapy. With no broken bones, we are hopeful that this bird will take to self feeding and flight training soon.

Update: This patient is now in a mew, perching well, and showing far better balance. While the right wing is still held low, x-rays show no internal trauma to the wrist, and the bird is flying decently. Still quite thin, and not consistently eating, staff is required to hand feed every day to get its weight up and make sure it gets oral medications. On the bright side, this bird has successfully passed two live prey tests!

Date Admitted: 4.10.20

Location Found: Etna, WY

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