Northern Harrier

This mature male Northern Harrier was found on the ground and in a state of shock in Rexburg, ID. Idaho Game and Fish was able to catch the patient and the bird was transported via a volunteer in our Raptor Rescue Network. Once admitted, we found the patient was suffering from a ruptured air sac, deep bruising, and a wound under its armpit. Air sacs can rupture after blunt trauma, so we suspect this patient was hit by a car. With time, the air sacs will heal on their own.

Update: This patient is standing and has a very healthy appetite! The wound on its side has almost completely healed, and no new ruptured air sacs have been found. Because of these improvements, this bird was moved to a large mew. The bird had been undergoing flight conditioning for the past few weeks and is nearing release!

Date Admitted: 5-1-19

Location Found: Rexburg. ID

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