Great Horned Owl

Thanks to our amazing Raptor Rescue Network volunteers, this owl was able to receive transportation from Idaho Fish and Game to our clinic in Wilson, WY. Upon admit, a relatively new mid-line fracture in the left Ulna was identified immediately with a great amount of swelling but little to no soft tissue damage. The bird, quite large, was surprisingly alert and very feisty! After consulting with our friends at Jackson Animal Hospital, we decided that placing a pin in the Ulna would ensure best alignment of the bones while healing. Treatment includes a wing and body wrap for stabilization and immobilization, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, pain suppressors, laser therapy, and eventually physical therapy.

Update: This dark-morph Great Horned is in a mew with high perches. She is flight training and receiving physical therapy and cold laser therapy every other day. Wrist and elbow extension is healthy, and the suture site healed beautifully. Now she is working on building endurance to prepare for release!

Date Admitted: 2.21.20

Location Found: Idaho Falls, ID

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