Short-eared Owl

This Short-eared Owl, a suspected victim of a car strike, was found unable to fly with an injured left wing. Utilizing our Raptor Rescue Network, this bird was transported to TRC all the way from Rawlins thanks to the help of "RRN" volunteer Palma Jack! Upon admission, x-rays showed a clean midline fracture in the humerus. Apart from the break the patient was healthy, alert, and feisty; making it a good candidate for surgery. The humerus was pinned by the talented vets at Jackson Animal Hospital and treatment now includes 8 weeks of rest so the bone can heal along with antibiotics to prevent infections.

Update: At the eight week point, the bird went in to surgery again to get the titanium pin removed. Ten weeks after surgery and this bird is no longer on antibiotics because the there have been no signs of infection! After a month of physical therapy and multiple x-rays it was determined that this bird will not be able to regain full extension in it's left wing due to it's shortened humerus. The bird is now awaiting for the appropriate paperwork to be completed so it can be transferred to an educational program in Maryland!

Date Admitted: 2-8-19

Location Found: Rawlins, WY

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