Swainson's Hawk

This hawk was admitted to Teton Raptor Center after being hit by a car in Idaho. As a result, this bird fractured its pelvis and was dealing with some mild head trauma. In order to treat a broken pelvis, lots of cage rest is needed. The head trauma was treated with anti-inflammatory pain medication and the bird was on a course of fluids to keep it hydrated.

Update: This bird has been moved off of cage rest and into a small enclosure where it can start to be more mobile while the pelvis is almost done healing and the head trauma has completely resolved!

Date Admitted: 8-21-18

Location Found: Star Valley, WY

Date Released: 10-5-18

The pelvis break on this hawk has healed completely after a lot of cage rest! The bird has been released back out into the wild just in time to soon begin a long migration down south for the winter.

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