Resident Raptor Feature

Meet our Resident Raptor, Gus the Golden Eagle.

Rehab Patient Feature

Learn about the former rehabilitation patient, Bald Eagle 1.28.20.

Action Item

Teton Raptor Center founded the Raptor Rescue Network in 2015 along with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) in order to coordinate the efforts of Rehab Centers, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, veterinarians, and volunteers to ensure that every injured raptor has access to rehabilitation. This initiative will focus on recruiting more transport volunteers in the far reaches of the state, continued education for vets on triage and initial evaluation of injured raptors, and adding more agency partners to the network. Click HERE to learn more or sign up to be a volunteer!


Enjoy these fun Eagle themed activities for kids of all ages!

Activities Pre-K through 5th

-Food Chain Activity

-Create Your Own Wings Activity

-Bald Eagle Coloring Sheet

-What Makes a Raptor Coloring Sheet

Activities 6th-8th

-Learn Your Bird Words

-Wing Shape Activity

-Bald Eagle Coloring Sheet

Activities High School

-Genes and Adaptability Activity

-Food Web Activity

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Raptors of the West

Eagle Puppet

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